Xender for ios and iphone & ipad latest Version Download

Xender is the world’s leading application which is used to send, transfer & receive files from one device to another device. Few years ago, we mostly use Wi-Fi & Bluetooth technology for transferring files. The transferring speed is very low & we can’t transfer any largest files easily using Bluetooth & Wi-Fi technology. But now technology gets developed well and lots of applications are developed for file sharing purpose. In this post, we are going to discuss about one interesting & leading file sharing application, Xender. 

Xender is an excellent file sharing application that used for sharing a large volume of data between the devices. It is one of the fastest file sharing application available in the market. The main drawback of Bluetooth technology is we can’t connect multiple devices for sharing. But you can easily connect up to 5 devices and share the largest volume of data between multiple devices by using Xender for IOS. With Xender for IOS, you can share audios, videos, movies, apps, documents or any other files fastly and easily. 

Xender For ios
Xender For ios 

Actually, I use Xender app for file sharing & it’s my favorite app too. That’s why I suggest Xender app for file sharing. Day by day, Xender application gets updated and nearly millions of people all over the world access this app. We all like to share our favorite movies through sharing application. But, you can able to share the movie files using MovieChain feature of Xender app. 

In March 2018, Xender launched the new feature called MovieChain for movie sharing. Using this feature, you can able to download, share & watch movies without need of an internet connection. Compared to Bluetooth technology, Xender for IOS transfer the files 200 times faster without any cables. First, Xender app was developed for android users only. Later, it was developed for other platforms like Windows, MAC, Blackberry etc. Xender supports cross platform file transfer and sharing between Android & PC/MAC.

Features of Xender for IOS:

Xender application was originally released in China and has been as the name Flash Transfer first. Later, it was changed as the name ‘Xender’. Xender app supports nearly 22 languages all over the world. Xender for IOS is faster than Bluetooth, easier to use than airdrop and you don’t need NFC to transfer data. You can possible to share the any type of files such as images, videos, documents, audios, applications without mobile data usage. 

Xender for ios
Features Xender for ios
  • Xender application allows you to share any kind of files between PC to PC, Smartphone to PC without any cables and an internet connection.
  • Xender has the in-built audio player which allows you to play the audio files after transferring. 
  • You can send large volume of data through Xender app.
  • Xender for IOS is very simple and easy to use. It has the clean user interface.
  • It does not use mobile data for data transfer.
  • Using Xender app, you can create a new folder, renaming the file, copy, delete, move etc. 
  • Xender for IOS is faster than Bluetooth and easier than airdrop.
  • Transfer & receive files instantly between android, iPhone, PC or MAC
  • The transferring speed of this application is 100 times faster than Bluetooth and any other sharing applications.
  • It uses Wi-Fi network for file transfer so you don’t need an internet connection.
  • MovieChain Feature allows you to share, download and watch movies offline so you don’t need an internet connection.
  • Xender supports nearly 22 languages around the world. So, anyone access this application easily.
  • It supports cross platform exchanging so you can transfer files from one platform to other platforms.
  • Xender will always send you the notifications about the latest updates.

How to download Xender for ios and iphone & ipad latest Version Download:

Xender application allows you to share any kind of files between Smartphone to PC, PC to PC and Smart TV to PC without any cables. But all the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then only you can fastly transfer files between two devices easily. If you like to use Xender for IOS devices, then follow the steps to download Xender IOS given below.
xender for ios 
  • Now, search for the xender application on your IOS device.
  • The Xender and its related applications will be displayed one by one on your device. 
  • Now, you have to click the Xender application.
  • After that, click the install button to install it on your IOS device.
  • Now, the application asks for the permission to access the data on your mobile. Just accept to install it.
  • After accepting, it automatically installed on your device.
  • Finally, open the Xender application on your IOS device and enjoy the file sharing experience.

Xender is also available for:

Xender is the wonderful application which is used to share any kind of files with your friends within a second. Xender for IOS allows you to transfer any kind of files such as Videos, Music’s, Movies, Images, Documents, Games and any other android applications. It is available for various devices like

How to use Xender on IOS:

Some people do little bit of mistakes while using the Xender application after installation. Let’s see how to use Xender on IOS device.
  • After the installation, click the Xender app icon to launch the app instantly.
  • Now, you find two icons like send & receive on the home screen. Just click the icon as per you need. 
  • After that, click send icon to send the files.
  • Now, you have to select the file which you want to share from your gallery.
  • You can easily transfer the files based on the categories which are given on the home screen.
  • After that, click the selecting files & click the required device to send the data instantly.

Xender is the best application for file transferring compared to any other files. Nowadays, every people like fast in everything. So, they choose Xender application for fast transfer. Millions of people all over the world uses Xender app. I hope this post must give you the valuable information about Xender application. Thanks for reading. 

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