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Few years ago, we all use Bluetooth technology for send, transfer and receive files from other person. The transferring speed is very low while using Bluetooth. But now we can easily transfer and receive files within a second using Xender application. If you don’t have a Pendrive to share files from PC to PC or Mobile to PC, don’t worry guys because Xender app is developed for sharing files without any cables and it is totally free. It’s cool, right? Actually, I use Xender app for file sharing and it’s my favorite app too.

Arguably, Xender application is the most leading and wonderful application which is used for send, transfer and receive files. It uses Wi-Fi to transfer files between two devices. Xender for PC application was founded by Xender team in 2012 and it is available for all four operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows phone and Tizen. 

Xender For PC Download
Xender For PC Download
This application offers many features for the users to send or receive the data files such as contacts, photos, music’s, videos, Smartphone applications and text messages etc. First, the application was originally released in China and has been known as Flash Transfer and it was available in 22 languages. Later, the name of the application was changed as Xender and it also translated in several languages. Officially Xender application was available only for Android, IOS and Windows phone. But some PC users like to use the Xender app on PC. That’s why I am writing this article. Let’s see the features of Xender app and how to download Xender for PC Windows.

Xender Application for PC Windows:

Xender for PC is the most popular application that allows you to connect two or more Smartphone’s to share media files, applications, photos etc. Xender provides the “Connect to PC” feature which offers the connectivity between Computer and Smartphone or Smart TV. Using this feature user can access all mobile data including photos, music’s videos, applications, contacts, documents via a computer. Xender supports up to 5 devices connected at the same time so you can transfer files between multiple devices simultaneously. But all the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can fastly transfer any files between the devices and easily.

Xender Application for PC Windows:
Download Xender

Compared to Bluetooth transferring speed, Xender for PC transfer the files 200 times faster without any cables. Sometimes Xender can also create a temporary Wi-Fi Hotspot on your mobile which is used to connect your computer and share files between your PC and phone using Xender app.We can’t share any movie files using any other sharing applications quickly. But it is possible using Xender for PC application. That’s why I am saying Xender application is the best.

In March 2018, Xender launched its own ICO called MovieChain for movie sharing. This MovieChain feature helps the users to download, share and watch movies without the need of an internet connection. It’s awesome, Right? Unfortunately, Xender application is not officially available for PC users. But some alternative methods are available to download Xender for PC. Before go to the installation procedure, let’s see the important features of Xender application. 

Features of Xender for PC Windows:

Xender application allows you to share any kind of files between PC to PC, Smartphone to PC and Smart TV to PC without any cables and an internet connection.

Best Way To File Transfer Xender
Best Way To File Transfer Xender
  • The transferring speed of this application is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Xender supports up to 5 devices at the same time for file transferring.
  • It uses Wi-Fi network for file transfer so you don’t need an internet connection.
  • MovieChain Feature allows you to share, download and watch movies offline so you don’t need an internet connection.
  • It exchanges records with the speed of 10MB/S.
  • This application supports the platforms like PC, Android, MAC, IOS, Blackberry Windows phone etc. It also supports cross platform exchanging.
  • Xender supports nearly 22 languages around the world. So, anyone access this application easily.
  • Group sharing feature is available in Xender so you can share the files with multiple devices.
  • It supports cross platform exchanging so you can transfer files from one platform to other platforms.
  • Xender will always send you the notifications about the latest updates.

How to Download Xender for PC:

Officially, Xender application is not available for PC Windows. You can use this application on your PC using three different methods. The methods are
  1. Xender for PC using Bluestack Android Emulator
  2. Xender for PC using AndyRoid
  3. Xender for PC using Xender Web

How to download Xender for PC using Bluestack: Method 1

To download Xender on PC, you must have to download Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC. Bluestack is the popular android emulator which is used to run android application. Once download the Bluestack application, just follow these steps to use Xender for PC.

How to Download Bluestack Method -1
How to Download Bluestack Method -1
  • Once you download the Bluestack on PC, just click to install it on your PC properly by following the on-screen instruction.
  • Now, open the Bluestack Emulator and link your Google account to the Android Emulator.
  • After linking the account, go to search box and search Xender application and the results will be displayed on the screen below.
  • Then click the Xender app and allow installing it on your PC.
  • The installation of Xender app will be finished within a second. After that, you can use the Xender application on your PC to share the files from one device to other.
Otherwise, you may also download the Apk file of Xender application and open it with Bluestack Emulator. It’s your choice guys do what you want.

How to download Xender for PC using AndyRoid: Method 2

Some people don’t like Bluestack Emulator because its file size is very high. If your PC had low memory space, then you can’t use Bluestack Emulator. Your PC may be getting slowdown. For that, you may go with AndyRoid. AndyRoid is also an Android Emulator and the file size is low. Just like the first method, you have to download AndyRoid Simulator on your PC. Once you download the AndyRoid, follow the below steps carefully.

How to Download Andyroid Method - 2
How to Download Andyroid Method - 2
  • Once you finish the download of AndyRoid on your PC, and then carefully install it on your PC as per the instruction shown.
  • Now, you have to connect your Google account to the AndyRoid.
  • Open the AndyRoid software and link your Google account properly.
  • After that, go to the search box in the main page and search Xender application for PC.
  • Click the application to install it on your PC.
Now, open Xender application on your desktop and enjoy the file sharing experience with your friends. 

How to download Xender for PC using Xender web: Method 3

If you don’t like to download any Android Emulator on your PC, then you can go with this third method “Xender Web”. Using the “Xender Web” option, you can transfer files between computer and mobile phone. Follow the below steps to know how to use Xender Web on your PC.

How to download Xender Web Method -3
How to download Xender Web Method -3
  • Make sure that you must have the latest version of Xender application. After that, connect both of your devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, open the Xender app and click the green send button. After that, you have to click on the Connect to PC button.
  • Now, connect your PC to the temporary hotspot and open any browser and type the IP address you see there.
  • Finally, you see the Xender desktop interface. You can just drag and drop the files to that window to transfer files on your mobile.

Best Alternatives of Xender application:

Even though Xender is the best file sharing application, some people looks for alternatives. Here I list some best alternatives of Xender application.

Best Xender Alternatives
Best Xender Alternatives
  • MyMobiler: MyMobiler is an application that allows the android users to control their device via Wi-Fi or USB
  • AirDroid: AirDroid is the best alternative of Xender application. You can easily share your files, records, messages etc through remote connection.
  • Droid Explorer: Droid Explorer is a dependable and lightweight utility which allows you to deal with your android phones.
  • Shareit: Probably, Shareit is the best application next to xender. You can easily send and receive files from one platform to other platforms.
  • Zapya: Zapya is also the popular file sharing application like Shareit. You can transfer files from one platform to other platforms.


Xender for PC is the most popular file sharing application. You just try this application on your PC. If you feel ok with it, then continue it. Otherwise, you may try other file sharing applications. I already listed some alternatives above. So, you can choose which one is suit for you. In this fastest world, everyone likes to run quickly. So, Xender is the best option for quick file transfer. I hope you like this post about downloading Xender application for PC and its features. If you have any questions related to this post, comment below. Thanks for reading. 
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